What’s COMODO Internet Security And How To Solve Its Common Problems

COMODO Internet Security

As a famous Comodo security product, many people may get this program installed on their PCs, but have you ever encountered any problem when using the application? There are some effective solutions that allow you to solve the most common issues with this program.

About Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) is a security application available for different Windows operating system, everyone can download and use it from Comodo’s website for free, and it also provides the premium version for providing additional advanced feature.

By default, it is installed in “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\” if you do not change the installed directory manually. And upon installation, it will add a Windows Service and some registry entries to the system, which is in order to make sure the program can operate smoothly and automatically in the background. Although it is marketed as a powerful and professional security application, people still encounter this or that of problem when working it on the computer. To solve these issues effectively, you can try the error fix instructions below.

Resolutions for most common issues of COMODO Internet Security

Not update automatically

Normally, there is an Update button available on COMODO Internet Security’s interface, through which people can update the program via clicking on the button. However, some people unluckily to perform the update smoothly with this feature, and nothing changed after using it. In this case, you might need to uninstall the program first, and then download and installed the newest version on your PC.

Disabled some authentic and harmless files/apps

Many security programs sometimes are too sensitive for the files and apps on computer, so negative positive always exist on these security programs, if some files are misunderstood as a dangerous item by the program, you can trust them and cancel quarantine on the program, or add them to the whitelist.

Cannot be uninstalled thoroughly and cause further install problem

It is often a problem to totally remove an antivirus program, including COMODO Internet Security, and the incomplete removal result often cause users unable to reinstall the program or change to install other security program successfully on the computer. If you unable to uninstall COMODO Internet Security through Windows removing feature, you can change to use another way and apply an advanced uninstall utility to help you perform the app removal.


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