What’s SpyHunter and How to Fix the File Being Quarantined


SpyHunter is a security program developed by Enigma Software. It is used to scan and identify the malicious files or components on the PC, and help user to block them. However, sometimes this program performs too seriously and might quarantine your file which is totally safe on the computer, so it will need to take some steps to cancel it if the file is necessary and useful for you.

Steps to cancel the file quarantine on SpyHunter

Canceling the file quarantine on SpyHunter can restore the file you need to your computer. You can follow these steps to finish it on your SpyHunter app:

  1. Launch SpyHunter, click Malware Scan” menu item on the left pane
  2. Previously removed objects will be listed in this tab, and you can click on “+” icon if the quarantine group is not extended.
  3. Select the object you intend to restore, and click on the “Restore” or “Allow” button

If you can’t see such a list of previously removed objects, click Disable programs on the sub-menu under Malware Scan, and choose to restore the item on the list.


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