APP overview

A Mac app removal tool that available for deleting useless apps from the macOS, helps people to manage and uninstall apps with ease.


Mac X Uninstaller is a third party uninstall utility for macOS, it claims to help people uninstall applications in an effective way, including easily finish a complicated program, force removal and clear all stubborn files.

Basic information

  • Support email: [email protected]
  • Language: English
  • Size: 10 MB
  • Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.9+

Interface screenshots:



Support all installed app removal

Scan and locates all installed apps on the Mac, and display in a list on the main interface of the uninstaller. People can see clearly what they are having on the machine.

Guarantee a complete uninstall

App and its remaining files can be totally removed at the same time, people don’t need to worry about those files stored in Libraries cannot be deleted which usually happens when remove the app to the Trash.

Free Professional Technical Support

Any removing or app issues can connect to the support email of the utility, professional technology experts will analyze the problem and respond with a proper solution quickly.

More secure files removal

Only those files and data belonging to the removed apps be detected and removed, and people won’t get any further issue after perform the removal. Support removing stubborn program

Support removing stubborn program

Stubborn apps which always cannot be removed by the Trash or other utility can be forcibly scanned out and cleared from the Mac. Its files will also be thoroughly removed.


Perform a faster and more thorough removal than the simple drag-and-drop operation on Mac, and people usually can remove the app through 3 simple steps.