What is New in MacBook Air 2020?

MacBook Air 2020

Apple Announces MacBook Air 2020

In March, 2020, Apple carries out a new generation of MacBook Air, equipped with the 10th generation of Intel’s 9-watt Y series i3 / i5 / i7 chips. And the good news is that Macbook Air 2020 adds a quad-core Intel Core i5 / i7 option for the first time. The most obvious update is that MacBook Air 2020 replaces the keyboard to the MacBook Pro 16-inch scissor-foot keyboard, doesn’t use ** butterfly keyboard anymore. If you have enough budget and are willing to get a light-minded MacBook, then the new MacBook Air is worth trying.

Each one of MacBook has its own target audiences, MacBook Air 2020 is itself aimed at people who are light computer users, they probably just need to browse the web, watch videos, take care of an email, and write something in Word or Excel or PowerPoint. In my opinion, the biggest highlights of the MacBook Air 2020 series, and also the main buying points, are two.

1.Super excellent screen

There is no doubt that the MacBook Air 2020 delivers the very high resolution, rich and vibrant color and excellent color alignment. It can be said the Apple computer’s screen is truly unrivaled.

2.It is “Apple” brand

For those Apple’s fans, said that they would buy such MacBook Air products for commemoration purposes without caring about if they are good or not. What they want is “Apple” logo. And in fact, Apple products are worth owning due to its high bigger is really unrivaled to other brands. For the other part of the users, they just want the Mac, because there are some software that only the Mac platform has.

So what are the main features that lure users to choose the new MacBook Air 2020?

  1. The high-performance memory was directly increased from 2133MHz to 3733MHz.
  2. Refined the scissor keyboard.
  3. And it has a fast 256GB SSD storage. So compared to 128G, 256G appears to be twice as much, but actually the amount of free space has changed from 64G to 192G, which is a threefold relationship.

In general, other manufacturers are raising prices, and Apple is actually lowering prices every year. If you are a student or a teacher in school, you can also use a special offer to get the MacBook Air at a cheaper price. So it can be said that the new MacBook Air in 2020 is a very sincere product.


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