Useful Tips and Skills about How to Use Siri

use Siri

As the unique virtual assistant embedded in the iPhone or iPad, Siri brings a lot of quick and convenient services that improve the user’s productivity in the daily life. If you are a iPhone newer or have limited knowledge about how to use Siri, the following guides will be very useful for you.

Get useful tips to use Siri

How to open and activate Siri:

  1. Press and hold the Home button (if you get on your phone), the Siri will be activated quickly
  2. Saying Hey Siri directly to call out Siri
  3. Pressing and holding the Side button(on the right hand edge of your iPhone)
  4. Using a Bluetooth headset like AirPods

How to customize Siri:

1.Edit your original question or command
When the misheard your or you just make a mistake when talking to the Siri, you can edit it via tapping Tap to edit it, and then press Done on the bottom right of the keyboard

2.Change Siri’s language
Access to Settings on the device, and tap Siri & SearchLanguage — choose a language you prefer

3.Change Siri’s voice
Access to Settings on the device, choose Siri & SearchVoice —- choose an accent —- choose a gender

Get to know more about how to Siri effectively

  • Take a quick note
    To take a note quickly on the phone, you can activate Siri and ask her directly like “Note that….”, it will store your saying on the Notes application
  • Translate language
    Saying “Translate … into (language)” to the Siri can translate the language you provided into many other languages, and you don’t need to take a book or a translate application
  • Make a list
    We often need to make a list before going to the supermarket or planning an event, in this case, you can create a list with ease via saying “create grocery list” to the virtual assistant.
  • Mark a meeting on the Calendar
    Generally, when we need to make a meeting plan on the Calendar, you usually need to open the app first, and then adding the meeting plan to a specific day. With Siri, you can talk to her “schedule a meeting” directly to add it to the Calendar.
  • Find somewhere to eat
    If you are in somewhere you are not familiar but need to find a place to eat, just ask Siri to “recommend a restaurant nearby”, it will search for the specific restaurant you need quickly and guide you how to get to the place.


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