Things about Mac App Store and How to Use It Effectively

Can you imagine that the Mac App Store you’re using hosts more than a million apps? It is probably not surprising to you that it only takes a little practice to get familiar with the app that gives you access to the store, given how much content it can provide.

One thing you might be sure that lots of the app’s features are obvious. But it has other, less obvious ones that you might have never discovered. I can say getting to know them and how they work would help you get more out of the Mac App Store in significantly less time and with considerably less effort.

Things to know about the Mac App Store

As you can see, applications are a huge part of the operating system’s appeal. Those available, their design and effectiveness are all part of what can make the system more attractive than another.

The Mac App Store have both free and paid applications. When using it, keep security in mind. You should be responsible with your personal information during the use. The store can quickly become a liability if you are not careful about securing items including bank card information and other personal data. It is best to use only your own devices to purchase items, so that your account information will not reside on anyone else’s devices.

The Mac App Store is an integral part of your operating system, allowing you to find software without having to use Google or other search services. Another advantage of using this store versus the Internet is that a high level of quality and compatibility is guaranteed. For example, Apple has a strict quality control standard for the software publishers.

One of the problems you might encounter: how to re-install an app?

I bet you know how to download apps from the Mac App Store. But how to force it to let you re-download an app? Sometimes an install goes bad, and you need to re-download the app and install it again. But when you go to the Mac App Store, you may find the app is listed as installed. Here is what you can do:

Method 1: Hold down the option key and click the Purchased icon, the status button for the app may change from “Downloaded” to “Download”, or from “Installed” to “Install”.

Method 2: Sometimes it works to option-click the “Installed” or “Downloaded button. If it does, the download process will start right up.


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