Several Useful macOS Tips that Might Come in Handy

If you think that there are many hidden features in macOS, that means you haven’t discovered them yet, not that they are really hiding from you. Either they haven’t received a lot of attention or they have been forgotten. You may read this post to know these tricks that go under the radar.

The following are some useful shortcuts you might now know about:

  • Custom Keyboard Commands

Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, and select App Shortcuts. Click on the “+” button to add new keyboard shortcuts and titles for them.

  • Spotlight Calculator

You can use Spotlight to realize quick and easy calculation: Type Command + Space to access spotlight, and type in the simple math problem you want to solve.

  • Find WiFi Passwords by Using Keychain Access

In case you forget the password to your WiFi network, use Keychain Access to figure out what it is: Open up the Keychain Access app, and select “System” to see all of the saved passwords for WiFi networks you have connected to. Select one of them, click “Show Password,” enter your account credentials, and the information will be displayed in plain text.

  • Hid the Dock

Some users like to hide their docks for more available screen space when the dock is not in use. You can do the same with the menu bar at the top: Go to System Preferences > General, then check the “Automatically hide and show the menu bar.”

  • Touch Bar Escape Keyboard Command

If you don’t like the non-physical escape key on the Touch Bar (MacBook Pros), it’s fine. Most apps support a keyboard command alternative. Use Command + Period to replace the escape key to do things such as exiting out of full screen windows.

  • Make Minute Volume and Brightness Adjustments

Press and hold Option + Shift while using your volume or brightness keys to adjust the brightness or volume in smaller increments.

  • Switch Between Windows by Using Command

If you have multiple windows of the same application, you can switch between them by using Command + Tilde.

That’s all I want to post today. Comment below if there is any trick you think worth mentioning.


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