The Most Common Applications You Must Know in Windows

Most people have the experience to use a Windows computer, what will you do the first & what’s the most used apps when open a computer? Browsing the web page, checking email from others, or go shopping online?

Windows comes with several useful applications already installed. These applications can help you with many common tasks, including browsing the Internet, managing your calendar, and shopping for music.

     The Most Common Applications You Must Know in Windows

The Most Common Applications in Windows

What applications are most commonly used? Next, we will list some software that are most commonly used in Windows operating system, the data come from daily research of major users. Certainly, if you have different opinions and suggestions, please leave a message on comment section below the end of the page.


What is the most essential & basic software is on your computer? The answer is the Setting, this is the place where you can adjust your computer’s settings and configurations, which is quite important for a computer user to install or uninstall software. The Settings app, introduced in Windows 8, gives you access to most of your computer’s settings but is designed in a new tablet style instead of the classic Windows style.

The Most Common Applications You Must Know in Windows

Next, we will list some Microsoft software that we use every day.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

When we talking about computer programs we use every day, your instant thoughts may have been of Facebook, Twitter or Google. However, these are all examples of websites and without a web browser, you wouldn’t be able to see them. While Firefox and Google Chrome have gained popularity over the years, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the market leader. Users can do a lot of things through the Internet Explorer, such as surfing webpage, writing email, shopping online, or searching paper.

Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer in Windows 10 but serves the same function. It has a few new features over Internet Explorer, including an option to display webpages in an easy-to-read format and integration with other parts of Windows 10.

Microsoft Office and Outlook

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even Publisher; how would we get anything done without them? Add Outlook on top of that and you have the complete Microsoft Office Suite. While you may not produce many documents or spreadsheets at home, in education and especially in the workplace, these programs are ubiquitous.

Adobe PDF

The PDF is the one thing that can bring all of these programs together. Adobe’s PDF is viewable on all computers. PDFs are also easily distributed across the internet. Since 2007 it has been possible to create PDFs from Microsoft Office. The PDF remains the most popular way to distribute files via email and Adobe has recently announced two security updates which make PDFs the friend of the virus checker.

The Most Common Applications You Must Know in Windows

Some Default software on PC

Mail and Calendar are apps that connect your accounts with other services, such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. They synchronize your mailboxes and calendars within these services and display them in a single window on your computer.

Maps, an app powered by Bing Maps, gives you access to all of the same navigation and search features. It adds a few other features as well, like pinning locations and saving directions on all of your Windows devices.

Photos, introduced in Windows 8, is a digital photo organizer that helps you store, sort, and display photos on your computer. It also includes features for editing, online storage, and sharing to social media.

Windows Media Player is Microsoft’s default basic media player that has come with most versions of Windows. It can play most types of audio and video files stored on your computer.


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