Microsoft rolled out Windows 10X Operating System

A few days ago, Microsoft has released its first emulator for Windows 10X, with which developers can get a look at the new operating system variant for dual-screen devices.

Windwos 10X feels like a more modern version of the previous for future devices. It is designed exclusively for foldable and dual-screen hardware. One of the most moticeable changes is the fresh new Start menu with a more simplified look. It just includes programs you can pin in place, and current documents. It is more like a task launcher than the way it used to be. Besides, Cortana is nowhere to be found.

Windows 10X also has dark and light modes. You can found the biggest UX changes when multitasking with programs. Apps now open by default on a single screen, and you can drag them with a mouse or touch across two displays to fully stretch them and span across dual-screen hardware. Microsoft is making use of gestures for multitasking, which are similar to those in Windows 8/10.

The new Task View allows you to summon programs onto a particular display. Bt right-clicking on the desktop in Windows 10X, you may change a background in settings, where no program icons or documents are stored.

The old File Explorer has been replaced with a modern one that will uigde you toward libraries of content and will support external devices for file transfers.

Another new feature is the Wonder Bar which is designed to sit about or below a hardware keyboard, or show as a software keyboard (similar to Apple’s Touch Bar) in the system.

Overall, Windows 10X is still in its early state. It feels like a more refined and visually modern version of Windows 10 with a basic emulator, and Microsoft may not plan to ship the operating system until later this year. We are hoping to learn more about it in the coming days, and will share them with our readers once we discovered any secrets.


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