How To Password Protect a File or Folder in Windows 10

Many people might have some files or folders on their computers in secret and don’t want to be known or found by other person. And providing a password protect for them will be smart choice. So now I would like to introduce some easy steps which can help you protect your file or folder with password.

Guides to password protect a file or folder

1.Encrypt a File or Folder manually

  • Locate the file or folder you want password protected, and right-click on it
  • Click on Properties on the menu, and go to the Advanced tap

Password Protect File

  • Select the check box next to “Encrypt contents to secure data”, and click Apply
  • Click to back up your encryption key on the new pop-up, it will be very necessary when you cannot access to the file someday

2.Use a Locker Folder

Using a locker folder on Windows is not an easy task for the common people, because it should add batch scripts to the folder you want to get protected. So few people know how to use this way to lock their files. Here are specific instructions which show you how to do:

  • Navigate to the folder which you have some files to lock. If you are not familiar with this method, you can firstly try to make a sample folder and get some new sample files inside
  • Open the folder, and create an empty new document file
  • Copy and paste the following code to the document, and save the text file

title Folder Locker
if EXIST “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}” goto UNLOCK
echo Are you sure u want to Lock the folder(Y/N)
set/p “cho=>”
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.
ren Locker “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”
attrib +h +s “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”
echo Folder locked
goto End
echo Enter password to Unlock folder
set/p “pass=>”
if NOT %pass%==Your-Password-Here goto FAIL
attrib -h -s “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”
ren “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}” Locker
echo Folder Unlocked successfully
goto End
echo Invalid password
goto end
md Locker
echo Locker created successfully
goto End

  • In the text file, find out “Your-Password-Here”, and change it to the password you want

locker folder

  • Click on File on the top menu, and select Save as
  • Give a new name to the file with the ‘.bat’ extension(filename.bat), and select “All Files” at the bottom, click on Save
  • Open the BAT file, and you will see a new folder named Locker
  • Move your files to the folder, and double-click on the BAT file again, command prompt will appear and ask if you want to lock your folder
  • Type Y and press Enter key, and then locker folder will then be hidden.

To open the file in the locker folder, you can double-click on the BAT file, enter your password and hit Enter key.

3.Invite third party utility

If you yon want a stronger protection for your files or folders, you can consider to purchase a third-party software which is specialized in providing more powerful password protection for those important files or folder.


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