How to Open & Quit Terminal on Your macOS?

How to Use Terminal on Your macOS?
Do you want to be more confident in macOS Terminal? Do you wish to work with command line without fears? Stop being afraid of using Terminal on your Mac, we’ll guide you to use Terminal here. You don’t need any prior experience with macOS. If you feel effortless in using macOS desktop and some basic tools like Finder, it will be very easy for you to understand how Terminal works, how to open and quit Terminal.

Why do we need Terminal? So, you may wonder to know why we should even know Terminal, well there is a main reason that knowing Terminal can accelerate your productivity in working with your macOS. You will stop wasting precious time, feeling stresses and bugging others to help you when you get stuck.

To know more about how to use launch Terminal or use Terminal to solve some accessibility permission issues, read more as follows.

How to Launch and Quit Terminal?

There are two methods can guide you to open Terminal on your Mac.

Method 1: In the Dock, you need to lick the Launchpad icon.

 Launch pad icon

  • Enter the name of terminal in the search field. Once gotten results, click Terminal to open it.

Method 2: Open Finder in the Dock.

  • Click Applications folder > locate at the Utilities folder and double click to open it.


  • Double click Terminal to open it.

open terminal

To quit Terminal, you just need to right-click Terminal in the Dock > click Quit Terminal.

Knowing how to open and quit Terminal will be very beneficial when you deal with some app’s accessibility permission problems. You can enter some commands in Terminal to check, view, and change your app permission as you want. You also can deny an app access to your mac in Terminal, which will use a series of commands.

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