How To Hide or Change Location in Tinder

Hide or Change Location in Tinder

As a popular location-based dating applications, Tinder gets a lot of users all around the world, but more and more people have a common question that whether they can hide or change their locations on the app. So now, let’s make clear about this app and see how to do with changing the location.

How can hide or change location in Tinder

Since Tinder is a location-based tool that uses distance and geography to sort user’s potential matches, so actually, it does not allow user to hide their locations. Even though you turn off your GPS, it still can gather other information to know and show where you are.

However, if you get a Tinder Plus or Gold version but not the free version. You can choose to hide or change the location with Tinder Passport. So the following how-to guides only available for the Tinder Plus or Gold users.

  • Launch Tinder, and go into your profile settings
  • Select Settings and Swiping In or Location depending on your phone.
  • Choose Add a New Location, and you can change your location; you can also choose to not show your distance from the settings if you can see the available choice


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