How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 10


What is the MAC address on a network device?

MAC address is short for media access control address. A MAC address can be seem as a unique identifier assigned to a network interface controller. It is also known as an Ethernet hardware address, hardware address, and physical address. An MAC address is most often assigned by the manufacturer of network interface card (NIC).

So, every NIC has a MAC address. Whereas IP addresses are associated with TCP/IP (networking software), MAC addresses are linked to the hardware of network adapters. All devices on the same network subnet have different MAC addresses, and they could be useful to help diagnose networks issues, like problems with IP address.

How to find your MAC address in Windows 10?

In some cases users need to get the MAC address information. But how to find it on a PC running Windows 10 ? Two available methods are listed below to help you out.

Option 1: run Command Prompt

  • Click the search icon next to Start icon, and type ‘CMD’ in the search bar
  • Right click on Command Prompt in the result, and choose Run as administrator
  • In the Command Prompt window, type in ‘ipconfig /all’ and hit Enter key
  • Scroll down to locate the Ethernet adapter section (if you have a wired connection) or the Wireless Lan adapter section (if you have a wireless connection)
  • Find the values next to the Physical Address, and that’s you MAC address

Option 2: check network adapter

  • Click the network icon in the system tray, and click Network & Internet setting
  • In the window that pops up, click Network and Sharing Center at the bottom

  • Find your active network connection, and click on it to display the network status
  • In the Status window, click the Details button, and then locate the Physical Address


So, that’s how to find your MAC address on Windows 10. Any question to ask?


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