How to Download Video On TikTok in Different Ways

Download Video On TikTok

TikTok is a popular and one of the largest live streaming and video sharing platforms in nowadays, previously known as, its named has been changed in August, 2018. When you find some interesting video on the platform, you can choose to download on your phone or computer. And the following guides will show you more details about how to do with it.

Download videos directly on TikTok

TikTok videos are available for download on its website or platform, more and more people would like to use TikTok on their phones, so here are specific guides to help you download video on on TikTok to the phone

  • Press the video you like to the specific page, press-and-hold the video, and several options will appear
  • Select “Save Video” on the menu, and then the video will be downloaded to the phone. By default, it is usually stored in the phone’s default photos app, like Photos on iOS

How to download Tik Tok video more quickly

Since downloading video directly on the Tik Tok is quit slow in most of time, so some people would like to apply a third party downloader which is supported by TikTok to download the video they like. What’s more, some downloader apps support the user to download the video without watermarks,and people can edit it further and share it with your friends.


Even though most of videos on Tik Tok can be downloaded for free by the user, there are still some videos protected by the owner and do not allow users to download. Therefore, if you cannot find the “Save video” option available, you will not be able to download it directly, neither using a third-party downloader.



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