How can Clean A MacBook Keyboard Effectively

clean MacBook Keyboard

When using a computer keyboard for for quite a time, it will be come very dirty which even get more germs than a toilet seat (according to the test by Microbiologists). So it is very necessary for the common users to clean their keyboards regularly. If you get a sticky keyboard with your computer like MacBook, you can get some useful tips to clean it with the following methods.

Preparatory tools beforehand:

  • Compressed air tool
  • Damp and soft cloth
  • Dry and soft cloth
  • Q-Tip

Guides to clean MacBook Keyboard

1.Shut down the MacBook, and unplug the laptop entirely

Before start the cleaning job, you should shutdown the device to avoid damage during the cleaning process

2.Clear crumbs via shaking it.

Carry the keyboard over to a trashcan and hold it upside down, and then shake it gently side by side to let those dirt can be clean out and fall down to the trashcan.

3.Clean those keys with compressed air tool

Hold the MacBook at a 75-degree angle, and use compressed air to spray the keyboard slowly, you can use this tool to clean the keyboard twice.

4.Use a damp and soft cloth to wipe off it

Apply a damp and soft cloth to wipe off the key one by one, you should note that the cloth cannot be dripping otherwise it will damage the keyboard inside easily.

5.Use a q-tip to clean it more carefully

Also, use a dame by not dripping q-tip to wipe around the sticky key one by one

6.Use a dry and soft cloth to clean the whole computer again

Finally, you can take a dry and soft cloth to wipe the computer and keyboard again, and then you will finish the whole cleaning job for your MacBook Keyboard.


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