Common Windows Issues And Solutions

Windows operating system is a common and widely use OS in nowadays, even though it never stop upgrading the system for optimization, people will still be annoyed by the frustrating PC problems. If you are not an experienced user and wanna get some useful tips and tricks to troubleshoot the common issues. The following instructions will be helpful for you.

1.Sluggish PC performance

Computer operation getting slower and often taking a long time to respond is the most common problem for a computer. There are many possible reasons for this issue, such as too many junk files and useless apps on PC, messy system structure and outdated versions of app or system. One can try the following methods to fix this issue well.

  • Conduct a System configuration
  • Uninstall useless programs
  • Find out and delete junk files
  • Disable some start-up apps you don’t need
  • Turn off forced updates

2.Cannot upgrade the Windows OS

Latest Windows operating system provides an automatic update for the user, some people will choose to disable it, and some other people might not be able to upgrade successfully. For the people who get the same problem and unable to install the update of Windows, it is suggested to try the following resolutions:

  • Download Windows Update Tool and use it to install Windows update
  • Download and run the Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix it

3.Has no enough storage on computer

Lack of available free storage on PC easily cause start-up and running issues on the computer. To free up the space, removing useless programs and junk files are usually working for troubleshooting this problem. In addition, you also can choose to update the operating system and apps, which usually can reduce their size on the PC.

4.DLL Errors

“xxxx.dll cannot be found”, “program cannot be opened for the xxxx.dll is missing”, many people might be very familiar for such an error notification of DLL file on the computer. It is especially hard to fix well for the inexperienced users, so you can prepare to check the general solution:

  • Reinstall the program you just removed
  • Check the Recycle Bin, and recovery the file if it can be found at there
  • Scan for virus or malware with antivirus program, block or delete those suspicious files.

5. Security Certificate Errors

Virus issue is one of the biggest problem for every computer user, and many security application become more sensitive in protecting the computer from being infected by malicious files or program. However, some might be regarded as a virus by mistake and quarantined on the PC. In this case, you can choose to trust it from the quarantine list, thus it will be added to the white-list and will not cause the security certificate on the computer.


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