How to Clean Up and Optimize Your Windows

Clean Up and Optimize Your Windows

After a period of time of using the Windows PC, many people would get a sluggish performance of the computer. To fix this problem, you should try to clean up those junk files inside and optimize the Windows system, thus, you will be able to speed it up.

Several effective ways to clean up and optimize Windows

Uninstall useless programs you never use on the PC

There are some programs only installed and used for a few times. Although they are not running on the computer in the daily life, these apps will always take up the hard disk space, and even included in the start-up programs list that slow down the speed of starting the computer system. So, to free up the system space, you should uninstall those program you won’t use any more on the computer.

Disable unnecessary programs from start-up

Too many applications running on the start up easily cause the computer cannot launch smoothly, or takes a long time to boot up. You should consider to disable those unnecessary programs from the start-up items as much as possible. Thus, you will be able to start the computer system very quickly.

Defragment your hard disk

Defragging or compacting the hard drive can sort out those messy files and data in a good order, so that computer can find out and read the required very quickly. In this way, you can get a quick reaction for the computer.

Clean up your hard disk

Incomplete program removal and temporary files used by installed applications usually leave a great deal of junk files on the PC. It is necessary to find out delete all of them from the computer. Sometimes you should take some time to complete the cleaning jobs manually, or you can take a professional clean tool to help you scan and clean up the hard disk for junk files.


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