What is New in iOS 14?

iOS 14

We are always waiting for the subsequent versions of the iOS. Now, iOS 14 is finally here! Want to know what are the new features of the system this time?! Then read on as we have enlisted some of the best and the newest features that Apple has installed in its latest update. Scroll along and see for yourself.

Top features of iOS 14:

There are innumerable and some supremely brilliant updates in iOS 14. We have enlisted some of those here for you to get a grasp of what to expect. So read on!

  • Improvement in Message app:

You can now pin nine contacts on your message app on your iOS system. This helps you find messages from important contacts much easier.

  • New home screen:

You can now change the apps that are there on your home screen initially. This lets you create a much more customized look of your home screen.

  • App library:

Just a stroll away from your final home screen, iOS 14 brings to you small app libraries. These will contain all the apps that you have on your device in little spaces according to their uses.

  • Siri improvements:

Various improvements have come in Siri. One of the best is that it will no longer take up the entirety of your screen. On triggering Siri, you will just see a blob at the bottom of the screen and the results will appear at the top.

  • Maps improvements:

There are many improvements regarding the maps as well. It now gives a much better experience and is now easier to handle as well.

There are many more features that iOS 14 provides, not all of which can be talked about. If you were considering buying it, then you can give it a try.