Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Safari Browsing Experience on Mac

Most Mac users prefer using the macOS built in web browser “Apple Safari” rather than others, the simple reason may be its low battery consumption. But it still needs some changes or settings for a better browsing experience as well as other browsers. Today, we will introduce some tips and tricks for you improving the Safari browsing experience on your Mac.

Are you ready to optimize the Safari browsing experience on the Mac? Let’s have a look!

1. Enable link preview from the Status Bar.

It is a very commonly happened thing that we often encounter all kinds of hyperlinks while browsing the Internet. Some links may take you to the exact location you want, while others may redirect you to phishing sites or other unsafe sites that may steal your privacies. So, how to deal with such issue? We recommend you preview the links before actually visiting the sites behind them. Refer to steps as

Launch Safari > click View > click Show Status Bar. Once done, you will see the link preview content at the lower-left of the page.

show status bar

2. Show the Full URL in the Address bar.

To always display the full URL, open Safari> click Preferences… > switch to the Advanced tab. Check the box that “Show full website address” there. Safari should now display the full URL.

Show full website address

3. Automatically use the Reader view for all visiting websites

Whenever you come across a cluttered Web page in Safari, simply click the Reader view icon to organize the page and view it in an easy-to-read format

Open Safari> click Preferences… >switch to the Websites tab > and then select Reader from the left pane.
Configure the currently open site to automatically use Reader view. To set this feature up for all other sites, select On from the drop-down menu at the bottom of  “when visiting other websites.”

enable reader view

4. Disable website notifications

Open Safari > click Preferences… > switch to the Websites tab > and select Notifications on the left pane. Check these websites have asked for permission to show alters in Notification Center.

For those websites you don’t want to display notifications or show alerts to you, you can deny them there. Or simply uncheck “Allow websites to ask for permission to send notifications.”

notification for safari

5. View the Favorites icon in Tabs.

You may also agree with that icons will make it a lot easier to recognize the tabs. If you want to use the icon function, refer to.

Open Safari > click Preferences… > and select Tabs > check the box “Show website icons in tabs.”

website icon

6. Set default search engine for Safari

Since you probably use search in Safari every day, setting the default search engine is another small change that can make a big difference.

You can choose the default search engine from Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo. To make these changes, open Safari > click Preferences… > switch to Search tab. Next to the search engine, select an option from the drop-down menu.

set default search engine

set default search engine for Safari