Rockstar to Unveil Next-gen GTA Trailer and Other News

Rockstar Games to Unveil Next-gen GTA Trailer

On November 8, Rockstar Games announced on X (formerly Twitter) that the studio will unveil a gameplay trailer for the next-gen Grand Theft Auto in early December. in a tweet, Rockstar mentioned that next month will mark the studio’s twenty-fifth year in existence, and that it chose this time to unveil the new game as a way of thanking gamers for their support and love.

Apple Announces New Swift Student Challenge

On November 9, Apple announced a summary of applications for the 2024 Swift Student Challenge. Challenge applications for the Challenge will be open for three weeks in February 2024, and there is a new mechanism for selecting 50 outstanding winners out of 350 to be invited to visit and network at Apple headquarters. All Challenge winners will receive a one-year membership to the Apple Developer Program, a free voucher to take the App Development with Swift certification exam, and a special gift from Apple.

Taylor Swift is Apple Music’s Artist of the Year

On November 9, Apple announced that Taylor Swift has been named the 2023 Apple Music Artist of the Year. From January through October, Taylor Swift had 65 songs on Apple Music’s Top 100: Global chart.

Intel Terminates Cryo Thermal Technology Program

On November 7, Intel announced that the company has ceased development of Cryo thermal technology as of July 1, 2023, and after December 31, 2023, it will no longer provide software updates or support for 14th generation Core processors. Intel began introducing the technology in 2020 with the 10th generation Core processors, which used TEC semiconductor coolers to cool the CPU directly below ambient temperature.

Sony Announces Production of Live-Action Legend of Zelda Movie

On November 8, Nintendo and Sony Pictures announced that they will be producing a live-action movie based on The Legend of Zelda game. The movie will be co-produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s representative director and academician, and Avi Arad, chairman of Arad Productions Inc. who has produced a number of blockbuster movies, and will be financed by both Nintendo and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Nintendo will contribute more than 50 percent of the funding, while theatrical distribution will be handled by Sony Pictures Entertainment worldwide.

YouTube Adds Two New Generative AI Features

YouTube recently announced via its official community that it has opened beta testing for two new generative AI features that automatically group comments by topic and allow users to ask questions about video content, including comment topics that will be removed when a single comment under a topic is deleted by the video creator, and video questioning features that support video content summaries and video content quizzes. As with previous beta tests, these features are currently limited to YouTube Premium subscribers.

Firefox to Bring Extension Support to Android

Mozilla said in its latest blog post that Firefox plans to bring browser extensions to Android in version 120 (expected to be released on November 21), with at least 200 supported extensions in the first batch, and Firefox Mobile will have a “completely open” extension ecosystem in the future. Mozilla is also encouraging developers to create extensions on mobile to improve the Internet browsing experience, such as using extensions to restrict and manage ads and protect mobile browsing privacy.

Apple News

According to well-known tipster Mark Gurman revealed that Apple recently announced a decision for internal employees to suspend the development of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15 and other new versions of the system originally planned to be launched next year, and focus on fixing the old system bugs, improve system stability and user experience.

According to ETNews, Apple is actively developing higher-performance custom batteries, which have been in the works for several years alongside Apple’s electric vehicle program, but mobile applications are the main target at this stage, with the new custom batteries expected to be used in Apple products starting in 2025.

In an interview with The Verge, Apple PR representative Starlayne Meza said that Apple has no plans to develop a 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon, and said that if users have a need for a larger screen, they should consider purchasing a Mac Studio or Mac mini and pairing it with a Studio Display, rather than considering an all-in-one design.