MediaTek Launches Dimensity 9300 and Other News

MediaTek Launches Dimensity 9300

On November 6, MediaTek held a new launch event for its flagship Dimensity chip, announcing the Dimensity 9300, an all-big-core mobile chip. The Dimensity 9300 adopts 4 mega cores + 4 big cores architecture, using TSMC’s 3rd generation 4nm process, 4 Cortex-X4 CPUs up to 3.25 GHz, 4 Cortex-A720 CPUs up to 2.0 GHz, 8 MB of L3 cache and 10 MB of system cache, and saves 33% of multicore power compared to the previous generation, and the GPU adopts the Arm The GPU adopts Arm Immortalis G720, which improves the performance of mobile hardware optical tracking by 46%. The Imagiq 990 image processor and MiraVision 990 mobile display technology are also built-in to support 4K 120Hz display.

Discord to Switch to Temporary File Links by Year’s End

Discord is switching to temporary file links by the end of the year for all users in an effort to stop attackers from using its content delivery network (CDN) to host and push malware, Discord said, adding that the change will have no impact on users who share files within the Discord client, which will be automatically updated with the file links. All file links to Discord servers will expire 24 hours after upload after the hosting rule change goes into effect, and Discord is recommending that users who use Discord to host their files switch to a more appropriate service.

OpenELA Officially Makes Enterprise Linux Source Code Public, Encourages Third Parties to Develop RHEL-Compatible Distributions

Following RedHat’s announcement that it will no longer make Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) source code publicly available, Oracle, SUSE and CIQ have announced the formation of the Open Enterprise Linux Association (OpenELA). The association recently announced on its official blog that it is openly distributing Enterprise Linux (EL) source code and has established a technical steering committee to encourage third-party development of RHEL-compatible versions of Linux. OpenELA says the project is committed to ensuring that the EL source code is available to the community indefinitely, with an initial focus on EL8 and EL9, and with packages for EL7 coming soon. The initial focus is on EL8 and EL9, with a package for EL7 coming soon. Developers can compile their own RHEL-compatible Linux distributions from the source code.

Microsoft Announces Three Deprecated Service Components

Microsoft updated its official support documentation for Windows 10 and Windows 11 on November 4, detailing three old service components that will be deprecated in the client operating systems: Computer Browser, WebDAV service, and Remote Mailslots. Computer Browser is an old device locator protocol, and its corresponding protocols, services, and drivers are now disabled by default; WebDAV service is also no longer enabled by default; and Remote Mailslots, which first appeared in MS-DOS, uses the outdated and unreliable IPCV method of delivering messages, and is also deprecated in the latest build of Windows 11 Insider Preview. Preview has also been disabled by default in the latest builds of Windows 11 Insider Preview. These deprecated components will remain in current versions of Windows for a while before being removed by Microsoft.

Other News

Some developers have discovered in Microsoft’s recent build of Windows 11 Canary Build 25987 that Microsoft has added a new file called ControlCenter.dll to System32 that points to the Operations Center. In other words, Microsoft is gradually replacing UWP with Win32+XAML at the system component level, and may completely abandon the UWP platform in the future Windows 11 and Windows 12.

HMD Global’s own branded handsets are now available in the IMEI database under the TA-1585 and N159V models, with the TA-1585 model coming with a charging headset, headphones, battery, and USB cable. It’s unclear whether the products will be available globally.