How to Download Photos From iCloud?

download photo on iCloud
Pictures always help to freeze some moments and keep them with us for a longer time. iCloud helps us do it with more efficiency. The best part of storing pictures in iCloud is that you can access them and download them to any other device of yours easily. If you are not so friendly with technology yet, then there is nothing for you to fret about. We have brought to you some easy and simple steps that you can follow to download pictures from your iCloud to any other device.

Downloading photos from iCloud to your iPhone:

The following are the steps that will let you download your photos from iCloud to your iPhone easily. These steps can be followed for downloading pictures from iCloud to your iPod or iPad as well. 

1.Go to your settings.
2.There you will see a space with your name written there. Click on your name. 
3.Tap on iCloud and then on Photos.
4.Your pictures will be displayed on the screen.
5.Select the option that says download and keep originals. 

Downloading photos from iCloud to your Mac:

We have some simple steps lined up for this one as well. Read on to know how cab quite easily downloads photos from iCloud on to your Mac.

1.On your device open the photos app.
2.Select photos and then click on preferences.
3.Select iCloud.
4.Now and finally click on download originals to this Mac.

Downloading photos from iCloud to your computer:

This is a bit lengthier a process than the others we saw so far. Below are the steps that you need 5o follow. 

1.Log in to your iCloud website.
2.Once you are logged in look for the photos icon. Click on it.
3.Your pictures will now be displayed on the screen. 
4.Select the picture(s) you want to download on your PC by clicking on the download option visible on the upper right-hand side of the screen. It is a little cloud with an arrow drawn on it. 
5.Your pictures will now be downloaded. 

These are not so horrifying when you follow the proper steps. These easy steps will surely help you to download your photos from iCloud to the device you want them on with the utmost ease.