How to Delete Contacts for Mac?

delete Contacts for Mac
When it comes to the question how you can do to delete duplicate and unwanted contacts for your Mac, are you also wondering to know about that? In this article, you will get a brief understanding of how to delete contacts on a Mac and even from iCloud. You can delete one or more unwanted contacts at any time.

Delete contacts in Contacts app

Step 1: Open the Contacts app in the Dock> Select one or more contacts and then click them.

Delete Contacts

  • If you delete a contact, you just need to move the pointer over it and click it to delete.
  • If you delete several contacts, press and hold the Command key, then click the contacts to delete.
  • If you delete multiple contacts that are next to each other, click the first contact, press and hold down the Sift key, and then click the last contact to delete.

Step 2: Press the Delete key or click Delete in the message that appears.

delete contacts

Step3: If you want to delete groups and Smart groups in Contacts, you just need to select the group or Smart Groups in the sidebar of the Contacts app. And then press Delete key to accomplish the deletion. (Show or hide the sidebar: Choose View > Show Groups or View > Hide Groups)

Delete Contacts from iCloud

Step 1: Launch your Safari or other web browsers.
Step 2 Navigate to
Step 3: Enter your login credentials to sign in iCloud.

sign in iCloud
Step 4: Click Contacts.
Step 5: Select All Contacts in the upper left corner of the page
Step 6: Press and hold down the Command () key and click the unwanted contacts you want to delete. Click cog icon > click the Delete option from the pop-up menu.
Step 7: Be sure you want to delete all selected contacts and click Delete option.

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