How to Control Your Mac’s Fan Speed?

Mac fan
Do you know how we never bother about some things unless we face some problems regarding it? Well, your Mac’s fan speed is one of the top things on that list. Maybe you are here after you faced some trouble already. Maybe you are here because you are responsible enough and want to keep an eye on the speed of the fan. Whichever it be, we have just the thing for you. Read along and you will see how can control or monitor your Mac’s fan speed to avoid any problem that may arise.

Controlling your Mac’s fan speed:

Before we go on to tell you how you could go about the process, we would like to mention that the fan speed is best not to be tampered with manually. If you are a professional in these terms then it is a different story. But otherwise manually controlling the fan speed of your Mac would not be such a great idea. Monitoring it would be a more sought after approach.

1.For controlling and, or keeping a check on the fan speed of your mac, you will need an application named Macs Fan Control.
2.Install the app and open it.
3.Go to the Customs option there.
4.There you will get the option of controlling the fan speed either by the RPM or by setting a maximum temperature.
5.There is also an Auto option that you could go for if you need to go back to the default settings.
6.On this app, you can also see the temperature reading and accordingly control the usage of the device.

These steps are however for much smaller and preliminary problems that you may encounter with your device. It is best to consult professionals for help in case there are any major issues spotted.