How to Change Your Desktop Background on a Mac?

Technology has advanced to great extents now. Amongst different devices that are now available to us, MacBook is one of them. We often feel like customising these devices to give it a more personal feel. In this regard, the smallest and the easiest of changes can make a big difference. However, not all of us, maybe do habituate with technology. So we have brought you some easy steps that will show how you can easily change the wallpaper of your Mac. Read on!

Steps to Change Your Wallpaper on Your Mac:

You can change your desktop wallpaper via two means. One is from the pictures that you have saved on your device. This would give a more customized feeling to it. The other option that you could go with is to change the picture from system preferences. We have steps for both the methods noted below. Scroll along to which way you want to go. 

Changing your wallpaper from system preferences:

This is a fairly easy process. The following are a few simple steps that will help to change your wallpaper from the system preferences on your Mac. 

1.Go to the Apple menu and then to System Preferences.
2.Select the option that says Desktop and Screen Savers.
3.On the desktop pane, you will see some pictures were already installed your device.
4.Select one of the pictures that you feel would be the most appropriate and make it your wallpaper. 

Changing your wallpaper from your gallery:

If you have a set of pictures on your device already stored, then you could also change your wallpaper from that collection, and here is how. It is fairly easy too. 

1.Go to the Photos app on your Mac.
2.Search for and select the picture you want to put up as the wallpaper.
3.Right-click on the picture.
4.Select the option that says “Set as a desktop picture,” from the submenu that appears. 
5.Your wallpaper is changed. 

Most of the time we do not know how hard the task is until we get down to do it. In this case, it was not that tough, now was it?