How to Change the Default Downloads Folder in macOS

  • 2019/12/02
  • By Kyle Nichols

With default settings, the Safari for Mac will download every file to the downloads folder of the current user account. I think it would be better to keep all downloaded files organized and saved on my desktop, and that is how I manage them in [...]


What is a PDF File and How to Open and Edit It

  • 2019/11/28
  • By Celia Swift

What’s PDF file? Cannot open it on the computer? It has been a common file format that many people usually get online or from their friends or colleagues. If this is the first time that you receice the file and get few knowledge about it, [...]


How to Enable/Disable Dark Mode in macOS Mojave?

  • 2019/11/25
  • By Kyle Nichols

For macOS Mojave 10.14 onward, Apple has introduced Dark Mode, which is a system-level setting working with all the compatible apps, including the third-party ones. It provides a unique visual interface and desktop environment that is easier for [...]


5 Most Common macOS Mojave Problems and How-to Fix Guides

  • 2019/11/20
  • By Johna

When upgrade the macOS to the latest OS version, some people might come across some troubles of using the computer. If you just upgrade your Mac to macOS Mojave but get some problems of using the device as usual. You can refer to the following [...]


How to Change Sleep Settings on Windows 10?

  • 2019/11/18
  • By Kyle Nichols

In Windows 10, the sleep mode, which is also a low-power state available for setting, comes in handy, especially when you are using a notebook or tablet and wanting to extend its battery life. By default, when your device is on batter, your [...]

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