How to Set Time Limits for a Regular Account in Windows 10?

  • 2019/07/22
  • By Kyle Nichols

You can control when a user is allowed to log in Windows 10 and when he/she is not allowed to log in. That is the Parental controls I’m talking about. The features are very solid, but to use them you need to set the whole family up with [...]


How to Change File Explorer’s Default Start Folder on Windows 10?

  • 2019/07/18
  • By Kyle Nichols

The File Explorer is a convenient way to reach anywhere on the system, and many users haven’t discovered that its default start folder can be changed. It opens to Quick access by default, which is a section where you can place shortcuts to your [...]


How to fix Finder when it is not working on Mac

  • 2019/07/17
  • By George E. Rowe

User report 1: Finder becomes unresponsive every time I try to empty the trash. User report 2: Finder works oddly after I update to OS Mojave. How to correct this? User report 3: My Finder shows “not responding” so I have to force quit and [...]


Six Best Practical macOS Tips – Tricks You Might Not Know

  • 2019/07/05
  • By Kyle Nichols

You can say that tips for macOS are way more than those for Windows, you just don’t remember to find them and learn. So, I’m presenting several for macOS users today, if you happen to see this, consider it a chance to know more about your Mac. [...]


How to Connect AirPods to a Mac

  • 2019/07/04
  • By Johna

In order to take out more easily and conveniently, more and more people choose wireless earbuds to connect with their portable devices. And the Apple AirPods is definitely one of the most popular product. Actually, besides connect with the [...]

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